New friends from last week’s events!

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Hi Everyone,
   Wanted to share some fun photos from a few of our last events.  As you know we love Sprouts in Highland Park.  It is located at 474 Central Ave.  Check them out at  We were there on Thursday 11/19/09.  
   No better way to end the fall session of classes than with some Square One Treats!  Here are pictures of some of our visitors:
Ms. “MJ” stopped by for a visit to try some Mango after her class before heading back outside in the rain. 
              Master “Z” loved the mango cup so much that he insisted on feeding himself.  What a great way to practice those fine motor skills! 
We loved having this little lady come visit.  She modeled our the Square One containers.  An easy item to grab for on the go yet still helps your child eat healthy!  Parents, also serving our Mango as snack or as part of a goodie bags for a  birthday parties.  If you are having your party at Sprouts, Square One is now on their menu and can be ordered in advance for your special day! Organic Mango and Water in every cup what could be better!!!
Our time at Sprouts came to a conclusion with a visit from a set of twins- These two had the most beautiful heads of curls-                         Wish my hair looked like that!  We had a great visit and they took 2 bigger cups to go as a treat later in the day.  Hope your toy store visit was fun!  
We look forward to coming back once the Winter class session begins!  Be on the lookout for Square One in the Hallway outside of Sprouts. 
Thanks to our friends Havilah and Zilah for making our visit possible!!
     Next stop was the Bright Horizon’s Family Solutions Center  at the Motorola Center in Schaumburg.  Families at this center and 14 others in Illinois and Wisconsin can buy Square One for direct delivers right to the center.  Growing up both of my parents worked so I spent my days at a daycare center.  I feel honored that Square One is part of the value added program at these centers.  I must tell you that these centers are amazing.  From the caregivers,  and the programs to the facilities themselves everything and everyone is what a parent would love their child to be surrounded by daily.   We deliver our organic superfoods right to the center, which makes it easy for busy families to feed organic foods to their children.  
     Thanks to Jane and her wonderful crew at the Motorola Schaumburg center for a great event.   Each child and family were given a “passport” and then toured each room which was themed by different countries.  The family got to sample different foods and traditions from that culture.   We were sampling our mango so it fit beautifully in the Mexico, Australia and India rooms.  As part of the overall event a dance called the Bharathanatyam was performed by these two beauties as the children and parents learned more about the culture of India.   The demonstrating was filled with colorful costumes and authentic music.  The children and the parents we all mesmerized.  So was I!  I say children upset when they had to leave. Just so fun.  Thanks to everyone at Bright Horizons Motorola in Schuamburg.  Don’t forget to turn your Square One Order Forms in to Jane by Wednesday.  We deliver on Thursdays!

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Fun pictures from recent events Thank You Daily Candy Kids!!!

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