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December 3, 2009 at 7:26 am 1 comment

Hi All,

  I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.  We had a blast nothing like a family road trip with hubby, twins, dog and cat all piled into a car.   I am so grateful to Diana Gabaldon for her Outlander Series.  I have read all 7 books and have started rereading the series again.   For those of you who are fans of her books our cats name is Fergus!    She makes road trips a breeze.   Wanted to share some fun photos from some recent tastings. 

Today  Marie and Tania, two of our Square One Ambassadors,  were at  Galt Toy Store in Northbrook Court.   In addition to sampling our products, we also give mom or dad a little goody bags.  Because who doesn’t like to get a goody bag.   In addition to the usually items like the Square One Superfood Guide, brochure, Children’s Cd and Coupons for Sunset foods.  Today we included a promotional item for Gray Boutique in Winnetka.  Ever look in the mirror and think “I am so much cooler then I dress”.  Happens to me all the time.  These ladies can get you back on track.    My sister-in-law swears by this boutique and I must say she always looks cool.  Thanks Gray for being part of today’s bag.  Marie and Tania said that all of the Moms were fired up about their Gray Goodies.  Here is what Marie and Tania had to say about today’s tasting. 

What a great day! We had our first ever tasting with Galt Toy, Galt Baby located in the upper level in Northbrook Court Mall.  We can’t say enough about this wonderful store… They have a great selection of strollers, green eco-friendly toys for all ages, and of course a wonderful staff!  They really stand behind all of the products in this store.  Galt Toy definitely draws a crowd.  Thanks to Kris and Natalie for letting us come today.  Here are some pictures of friends we met:                                                                           
 This little guy took a break from looking at Batman figures , which he was very interested in, just to have a sample of our Mango. He gave us a thumbs up.
This little lady was a great taste tester.  Think we met a future food critic today.   She gave our Mango puree  rave reviews….
      We look forward to coming back in the New Year for some more fun events at Galt.  Stay tuned to our web-site or blog and Galt’s web-site: to find out when we will be back!

 Square One has a direct buying/delivery program with 15 Bright Horizons Centers in Illinois and Wisconsin.  We often put on snack times during child pick up.  Here are some photos from some recent pick-up snack time. 

First up Bright Horizons – Little Hands Center at the All State Campus in Northbrook.  Marie and Tania are the Square One Ambassadors that put on this tasting: 

We had a wonderful time visiting our new friends at Little Hands Bright Horizon Center on site at Allstate.  We hosted a snack time and little ones, as well as, parents enjoyed our treats- What a great way to end the day!  The Children were giving Square One Mango Cups.  Our cups got a  definite thumbs up. We even had 2 children who were crying for more.  The crying didn’t last long as these little ones received an additional Mango cup , as well as, the Square One Children’s Cd for the ride home. Here are just a few of the friends we met while at Little Hands.   Also, thanks to Sarah, Liz, and the Little Hands staff for welcoming us- Your center is so clean, creative, and wonderful!!  What a great place to spend day playing and learning. 
 We look forward to coming back soon-                         We hope  you enjoyed your Holidays!!
Thanks to my Ambassadors Marie and Tania for putting together such a lovely event. 

Next up was the Bright Horizon Center at the SC Johnson Site in Racine Wisconsin.   I did this event and let’s just start by talking about this center.  There is a chef on site.  I want to spend my days here!   At the end of each of the infant/toddler wings there is a sun room.  The Center is located in Armstrong Park.   I have been told that on occasion a deer or two can be seen from the sun rooms.  Allison and her crew do a wonderful job with the children.  

I met many wonderful families.There nothing like the look on a parent’s face when they pick-up their child after a long day of work.  The kid’s faces are priceless as well                                    See what I mean! 

                  Thanks everyone I had a great time and look forward to see you again soon.



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