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Nutradynamics is run by Jacqueline King, a registered dietitian in a medical nutrition therapy practice based out of Glenview, Illinois.  Read her latest article below:

Why Organic Baby Food?

Today’s new parents have a special concern for safety. Car seats, baby cribs, and
safety plugs are all researched to insure babies start their lives out safely. But
what about their food?

Parents began to demand organic baby food for their babies in the late 1990’s.
This was due to concern about the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers,
antibiotics or growth hormone in their production.

The U.S. department of Agriculture has set certain standards for organic foods.
Only approved fertilizers weed killers and pesticides can be used. Man-made
products are strongly discouraged.

Organic farmers generally use natural fertilizers such as manure and compost.
In place of weed killers, they rotate their crops, till, weed by hand, and mulch.
Products cannot be genetically engineered and certain forms of radiation are not allowed.

Foods meeting USDA standards can be labeled with the” USDA Organic” seal.
Square One Organics is a USDA approved organic food.

When purchasing your baby food, watch for the following:

Make sure that your baby is eating a well-balanced diet. Use the Square
One Organics Food Journals to insure your baby is getting what he/she

Read baby food labels carefully. Organic foods are not all healthy and some
are high in fat, sugar, or salt. Square One Organics Baby Foods do not use
anything other than the food itself in its purest form.
• After you have purchased the food make sure that it is handled safely and
carefully. Food should not be micro waved in its original container. Place it
in a dish and make sure that the food is not too hot to be fed to your baby.
Make sure that once you feed the baby from a dish, leftovers are not stored
in the dish that you have fed the baby from. Bacteria from the baby’s
saliva may contaminate the remaining food making it more vulnerable to
• In addition to feeding baby healthy food, remember to feed baby in a
happy, calm environment. Do not negatively influence baby when you are
feeding them a food you do not like. Give baby the chance to establish
their own likes and dislikes. Do not get upset if baby refuses a food. Babies
will often require numerous exposures to a food before accepting it. Some
research shows up to 20 exposures before acceptance.


Jacqueline King,MS,RD,FADA,CDE
3801 W. Lake Avenue Suite 200C
Glenview, Illinois 60026


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