Check Out This Interview with SQ1 Superfriend, Bubbles Academy!

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Square One® Organics loves doing events with Bubbles Academy, in fact we are having Snacktime After Class December 13th, so be sure to come sample some delicious MangoBubbles Academy was founded in 2003 by Kristine and Gregoire Klees-Johnson with a mission to create an urban space where parents and kids are free to learn, romp and play!  Designed to being the outdoors in, Bubbles Academy is an open space that allows creativity to flow and development to spark!We were thrilled to sit down with Bubbles Academy founder and dad, Gregoire during nap time to get an exclusive SQ1 interview.

1.  If there was a movie about your life what would it be called?
“Gregoire and Kristine’s Excellent Adventure!”

2.  What major event led you to start Bubbles Academy?
Well, it was actually 9/11.  Kristine and I lived right across the river from the World Trade Center.  Witnessing such a catastrophe had an immense impact on us.  It really made me rethink life.  I worked for a big corporation at the time, and decided that I wanted to add more value to society.  My wife worked with special needs kids and I was always fascinated by her work and I myself have a background in the arts.

3.  What child appropriate word do you exchange for a swear?
Sheshaman!  I have to give me wife credit for that, I don’t even know how to spell it!

4.  What gets you through juggling career, family and kids?
Caffeine is one thing.  Trying to eat more healthy and exercise too.  Then, there’s the joy I get from building Bubbles Academy; it gives me energy and helps me stay happy and positive.  The kids are great – they keep me on my toes and it’s such a joy to see them grow.

5.  What was your life like pre-parenthood?
I was born in Paris, France, but grew up in Chicago.  I was fortunate to have lived several places oversees including Japan, France, Germany and England.  I lived a pretty nomadic life, so it’s nice to have this stable existence now.  I’m thankful for those experiences, especially since I now have resources from all over the world, and my pre-parenthood life still influences me.  I’m excited to turn our website into a resource for families all over the world.  When the new website rolls out next year, parents will have a more active role in giving us and other parents feedback.  This way we can create a communal, two-way interactive experience.

6.  What is the most dramatic change since parenthood?
There’s so little time even just to exercise or read a book –  I still work on finding the balance.  The fulfillment I get from my family and work is more than worth it though!

Thanks for a fantastic interview Gregoire!  We’re so happy to call Bubbles Academy a Superfriend!

Find out more about Bubbles Academy’s programs here
Sign up for classes at Bubbles Academy here


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