The 8 Month and Up Crowd

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At this point your child’s digestive system is maturing and a slightly bigger variety of foods are good to be introduced.  Continue to use the Square One® Organics Superfood Guide for suggestions on what new foods to introduce.  In addition to continuing the daily avocado routine, here my top 3 things to keep in mind during for this age group.

1.     Two more SQ1 resource materials can be helpful: The Square One Organics Food Family Awareness Chart This chart shows you which foods are members of the same food families.  As you introduce foods, try to work inside a handful of food families.   Dr Nimmagadda recently wrote an article for Square One Organics about how children may react similarly to foods inside the same food family.  To read Dr. Nimmagadda’s complete article go to  Second, The Square One Organics Daily 8 Month and Up Journal can help with eating frequency, appropriate portion sizes, sleep, liquid intake quantities etc.

2.     Pincer practice and spoon grabbing! Yes these two things are part of the age territory.   Here are some tips.  As part of my feeding gear, I would always have a number of plastic table spoons on the twins’ highchair trays so they could practice their spoon grabbing skills.  They see us feeding them with a spoon and they just want to try too.  It can get messy but that’s how they learn!  For Pincer practice try some ripe avocado pieces and/or soft tofu pieces on the highchair tray.

3.     Mango, Quinoa and Broccoli – These are probably my favorite foods at this age.  Mango because it is an excellent source of Vitamin A and C.  Mango is also a superfood for immunity and the heart.  Quinoa is a favorite because it is Gluten-Free, has the highest protein count of any other grain on the planet and possess all of the essential amino acids.  Finally, Broccoli, one of my favorite supergreens because is such a multi-tasker.  Broccoli is a superfood for bone, heart, brain, immunity and antioxidant.  It is an excellent source of Vitamin A, C and Folate.  It is such a great food for your child to learn to love!  For more food facts check out



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