Adventures of a Pregnant Mom with a Two Year Boy in Tow!

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Square One Organics has a brand ambassador program.  These gals help us raise brand awareness at family friendly events.  Recently, I was talking to one of my brand ambassadors, Marie, who is pregnant and has a two year old son.  I thought some of the stories and issues she was facing and going to face would make for some interesting blogs.  Marie graciously agreed to share her experiences and reflections with us as the next phase of mommyhood unfolds.  Check out Marie’s first excerpt.

Pregnancy, while joyous, can also be a marathon when one has a 2 year old!!  I am currently    35 ½ weeks along (with a girl) and a Mom to a beautiful, yet EXTREMELY active and strong willed little boy.  While one hopes to slow down a little, especially during the last few months of pregnancy, I can say that I feel like the pace has just been picking up as two of our most recent adventures clearly show.

While just arriving back in the neighborhood after a girl’s dinner out, I get a frantic call from my husband exclaiming that our son had just run into the wall.  My initial thoughts: “Are you kidding me? I go away for 2 hours and chaos erupts!”  Then, I start saying massive prayers hoping that my son doesn’t have a serious concussion.  My son has a love for running (as do so many kids), and we constantly tell him not to run in the house.  Well, of course, he had to learn the hard way.    A trip to the ER, leads to a super long wait time and finally a call to our pediatrician- Thank God for wonderful pediatricians who accept calls at all hours of the night.  We went through all of my son’s symptoms and it was determined that he was fine and that we could go home.  A big bruise and some swelling later, he was back to the same old smiling little guy, leaving Mom and Dad slightly traumatized.

Not to be detoured by a bruised forehead, a few weeks later we went to the indoor “Treehouse”  at our local mall. The Treehouse is like the Taj Mahal of play places for little kids with slides, an area to run (this area is key for my son), a kitchen and other kids to socialize with and meet.  I was excited for my son to just get out and get exercise, and hopefully this would mean a good nights sleep!  Like most moms, these kinds of outings are never fully relaxing, but fun just because we are getting out of the house.  What started off as a fun time for my son, ended with me breaking into a giant sweat!  My son decided that he wanted to go into the Lego store adjacent to the Treehouse.  He literally sprinted himself into the Lego store and sat himself at a computer, apparently he needed to catch up on some emails!  As I never take my eyes off him, I ran after him pregnant belly and all, and carried all 38 pounds horizontally under my arm back in the treehouse area.  He was put into time out and was now dealing with the wrath of a pregnant worried Mom who was sweating above the lip. Not sure how these outings can take place with baby # 2!!  Stay tuned.

Reflection:  I know that life is really never going to slow down, and only is going to get busier.  I am one that truly does like to have lots going on, and I know that someday I am going to miss these days with my Son being this age.  While trying and exhausting as the days can be, I can say that overall, he is no different than any other curious 2 year old.  I can thank him for keeping my gym membership costs down as my workouts now take place wherever we are!


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