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I’m thrilled to be guest blogging on Bump Club and Beyond’s Baby Talk Blog!  Check out my latest below and stay tuned for more! Square One® Organics is also part of Bump Club and Beyond’s Baby Food Making series… sign up here

You Can’t Unlearn This!

By: Denise Henderson

Founder and Mom

Square One® Organics


It is interesting to me to think about the things it took forever for me to learn. Rollerblading took a while (still not great at it), hitting an overhead lob return, memorizing my times tables in third grade and learning that my husband will never be bothered by a sink full of dishes. But as parents we learn on the fly all time because there is so much coming at us, we live it – we learn it!

I will tell you the day my son had his first allergic reaction was a live it –learn it day! My life changed in a split second. I never needed to learn about the impact of organic foods, pesticides, preservatives, additives or GMO-foods until that day. But once that happened it was on and on in a big all encompassing way!

Now there is a ton of research on organic foods, pesticides, preservatives, and additives as it relates to foods for infants. You can check out some research on my website here. Stay tuned, I am always adding items to these pages. On this page, I give you the low down on the GMO-Free issue.

Because I care so deeply about these issues and I own Square One Organics, I am a member of the Organic Trade Association. This is an amazing organization that works tirelessly to keep our food supply clean. Among the many things they do is put out a newsletter titled “Organic is it worth it”. If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, and I hope you do, I love all of the comments and feedback. I post content from the OTA often. Volume 48 of the OTA’s newsletter gives us the inspiring story of Robyn O’Brien; a mom who traded in her briefcase for a diaper bag had to live it – learn it day and then did something about it. She is, like me, the oldest in her family line-up and a type A perfectionist. She has written a book titled The Unhealthy Truth, which chronicles her personal experience with and research into the food supply. She is a blogger and from what I can tell, does speaking engagements.

I share this with you for two main reasons. First, she was a mom serving breakfast to her four kids when her life changed, which could happen and has happened to many of us. Second, I think this clip of her talk gives you clear, easy to understand information about our current food supply. This streamlined approach is important for busy families looking for the facts. I am grateful for her work on this issue and applaud the time and energy she has devoted to raising awareness of the impact of additives, preservatives and GMO’s in the food supply in this country. Once you see it you won’t be able to unlearn it!


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