Being Held Hostage in my 2 ½ Year Old’s Rocking Chair

April 12, 2011 at 2:39 pm Leave a comment

Our brand ambassadors are some busy ladies. Check out what is going on with Marie and her son’s rocking chair!

I have to say that going to sleep has become quite a process in our household lately!  It all started approximately a month and a half ago, and these days I find that my son is controlling his own bed time process, not me!  There are a lot of new routines that we are currently practicing: trying to get my son to go potty on the toilet, and establishing good hygienic practices like brushing his teeth and washing his face.  The most challenging part to all of this is that he wants to do EVERYTHING by himself, a classic two year old behavior.

As all of the pre-bedtime routine is winding down and it should be a time of relief for parents, I now know my most difficult part of the bedtime process awaits me, the ROCKING CHAIR!!  My son is currently going through a stage (ever since he saw Big Elmo at a birthday party) where he likes for me, and me only, to sit in the chair while he is falling asleep.   With a dresser light left on until he falls asleep, my son in his bed, and me in the chair, I rock back and forth hoping that he will fall asleep quickly.  Every night in the chair is different and so too the length of time I spend in the chair- Some nights my son falls asleep quickly, some nights he reads and carries on conversations with his stuffed animals (his babies), and then there are nights where he presents all of these reasons that he needs to get out of bed real quick (he has to go potty, his nails need to be cut, or he needs a little more milk) of which the only real legitimate one that I will allow is the bathroom trip.

I have logged some serious hours in this rocking chair!  As frustrating as this process has become and as tired as I find myself at night lately being 9 months pregnant, I have some of my own tricks which I have started implementing:

1) I let this be my wind down time as well- many nights I will just close my eyes and relax helping to promote my son to fall asleep quicker

2) Sometimes, I will bring my own reading material to the rocking chair while he is reading Curious George in his bed.   That way I can catch up on my own reading in US Weekly or Real Simple

3) If I have absolutely had enough and just need to get out of the chair, I will tell him that I am going to put on my pajamas and will come back and check on him if he is good.  The ultimate irony in all of this is that I was the same way when little and his age and fully understand this stage of having the comfort of mom when being afraid of the dark or Big Elmo coming!


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