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Thanks Eco Baby Mama Drama for this fantastic Review!  Check it out below…
Square One Organics why do I love thee?  Let me share the ways!  First, I love that this company was started by a mom who solved a food allergy issue that one of her twins had.  As many of you know, I adore mom started and family run companies and Square One Organics is at the top of my list.  Started in 2003 by Denise Henderson she simply wanted to provide her babies with only the best, unblended superfoods that she color coded and recorded in a food journal so her husband could easily help feed the babies.  The system worked and the twins were thriving and on a play date another mom showed interest and it dawned on Denise that other moms and families could benefit from her system and Square One was born.
Second, I love that all the superfoods are made from 100% unblended organic fruits, vegetables, grains, and just a little bit of water for consistency.  As parents, we want to give our babies/kids only the best healthiest foods, so what is a superfood?  It is a food with high health benefits, at Square One that is where the color coded packaging can help you know what you are giving your baby. 
When starting your baby on solid foods it is a whole new world and can be overwhelming with all the options let alone the thought that baby isn’t eating much but you want to make sure baby is getting the nutrition they need.  The Square One Organics website is full of wonderful information including the facts on what areas the superfoods support and aid in your child’s development.
6 Months & Up
8 Months & Up
10 Months & Up
Up close to show size
Assortment of purees

The third reason why I love Square One Organics, taste!  The food tastes like real food.  It actually tastes better than the food I have eaten.  I don’t feed Tates anything that I have not eaten myself (this totally grosses my husband and older son out!) and every single one of the foods we were sent I tasted before I gave them to Tates.  Tates liked each one and had some fun adventures feeding himself too!  The website also has a section completely dedicated to cooking with the purees which is fabulous for when you have a little one changing over to table food and don’t want to find someone to take any unused baby food off your hands.  I actually used some of the purees for cooking and they were phenomenal.  We tried the pumpkin spiced cookies, papaya pineapple smoothie, and the broccoli cheese soup. T-Bone and DJ didn’t even know they were eating baby food! Shhhh!

The fourth reason that I love Square One Organics?  Price.  This is something I don’t tend to talk about on my blog reviews because I don’t ever want my opinion of cost to influence someone whether or not they should try a product.  What someone considers expensive others may consider average and I never want to influence based on money.  However, based on the fact that I purchased almost 95% of Tates baby food (5% made by my wonderful friend Melissa!) and shopped at several stores I can honestly say the Square One Organics foods are definitely reasonably priced.  You can also sign up for their discount buying clubs for extra savings.

The last reason I want to touch base on is the free food journals that you can download online.  These are great if you are super organized (like yours truly) or if you are not so organized like my husband you can know what to feed baby when and what baby ate last without having to remember or figure out if you weren’t the last one to feed baby.

food journals, recipes, food guide and CD
I haven’t mentioned the CD that you see in the picture above yet but it is so awesome!  I am NOT a fan of kids music in the car. It is torture to me, however, this CD featuring American Idol winner Lee DeWyze is really exceptional.  It has great songs that teach you and your child about eating right and the music is very entertaining for all ages.

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