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When I had Charlie a over two years ago, I was determined to give him the best foods, but without all the additives and preservatives that most jarred baby food contains. I started out making his food, but always wondered if a store-bought version existed to ensure the same health quality, but also make life a little bit more convenient! I was happy to find out with Jack (eight months) that such products DO exist!

Square One Organics is a family-run company created by Denise Henderson. As a mom of twins, she wanted to ensure that she gave them the best start possible, while also considering some of their food allergies that came up. She created a system of superfoods (nutritionally dense and have identifiable health benefits) that were unblended to easily pinpoint allergic reactions. The foods were then color-coded to make feeding baby a breeze! The color-codings are organized in such a way to be sure that you know what healthy benefits come from each of these superfoods!

The containers also are labeled starting with the proper age to begin usage (over 6 months, over 8 months, over 10 months), so there’s no confusion about when baby can begin to partake in this yumminess!

Throughout the past few weeks, I have tried a few of these on Jack. Two of our favorites are the Papaya and the Quinoa.

An excellent fruit source of vitamin C without a high acid count. We want to keep digestion easy that is why Vitamin C without all of the acid is a great thing for a 6 month old. Around 6 months your child’s natural irons stores begin to be depleted. Serving vitamin C foods with your child’s cereal helps with iron absorption.
Papaya Nutrition Tidbits
  • Super food for the skin, digestion and immune system
  • Excellent source of Vitamin A, C and Folate
  • Contains the enzyme Papain that aids in food digestion
  • A two ounce Square One® serving of Papaya Puree provides 100% of your Child’s RDI of Vitamin C, 50% RDI of Vitamin A and 30% RDI of Folate, Promotes healthy immune function with its Vitamin C content.

(credited to Square One Organics – 6 Months)

Quinoa – pronounced (keen-wa)
  • Supports healthy digestion
  • Provides energy for baby’s growth, activity and brain function
Quinoa Nutrition Tidbits
This Gluten-Free grain is a really great food for your child to learn to love. It contains more protein than any other grain, as well as, supplies ALL the essential amino acids.
  • Super Food for Heart and Antioxidant
  • An excellent source of Magnesium and Folate
  • Gluten free
  • Contains more protein than any other grain thus considered the “Super Crop”
  • Supplies ALL the essential amino acids.
  • A two ounce serving of Square One® Organic Quinoa Puree provides 11% of your child’s RDI of protein

(credited to Square One Organics – 8 Months)

As a mommy, I can feel good about feeding him foods that are perfectly suited for his needs and promote growth and development. The packaging is clear – if the food is pumpkin, the product only contains pumpkin – no additives, preservatives, flavorings, etc. They are also simple to use – they are frozen (which acts as the natural preservative) – simply pop the different food(s) you want out for the day, allow to thaw and serve. You can even mix some together for some great “recipes” once you know baby doesn’t have a reaction to them! Find some helpful Food Journals here where you can keep baby’s food life organized!

Jack loves these foods and the new recipes I have created from them. I love the convenience of being able to just toss it in the diaper bag and go! Even Charlie loves these mixtures (and he’s been out of “purees” for a while!) They are a great snack on summer days (I’m partial to the mango) and it’s nice knowing these snacks are superfoods!

I am happy to share that Square One Organics has generously offered to giveaway some of their great products to one of my lucky readers! The prize pack includes:

  • A 12 pack of Square One Organics Superfood Purees
  • A Two week supply of SQ1 Daily Journals
  • A Square One Organics Children’s CD featuring 2010 American Idol Winner Lee DeWyze
  • Shipping and Handling

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