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Providing healthy and nutritious meals to our little ones is so important as a mom and that must start young. If you never feed them green beans as an infant the likely hood of them eating them as toddler is fairly slim. Or in my case not going to happen regardless, but that’s because he won’t eat anything green.  I know that I struggled with finding new ways to feed both my boys and especially as infants.  Baby food only comes in so many flavors and while I would make my own from things we ate on a regular basis, we don’t eat a large variety of vegetables.  I had to rely on baby food to expose my boys to the variety of flavors.Square One® Organicsbelieves that every time your child eats it is an opportunity to make a positive impact on growth and development.  This is powerful statement and I have to admit that they provided flavors that I never would have imagined in baby puree’s.  I have to admit that this is the first time I had ever seen quinoa as a puree and I was a tad stumped at what to even do with it.  Thank goodness in my packet I receieved from Square One they provided me with some recipes to help get me started and I have to admit they are brilliant.  They are not just mixing two foods together to make a new flavor they are actual recipes.  What a huge help as neither of my children are in the puree stage anymore.  As the snow has been following here in Colorado recently we were able to make the Square One Soup Starter which was a great way to introduce quinoa to both of my boys and dumplings as well.  The recipe includes four simple ingredients one of which is the quinoa to make the dumplings it was a breeze!  Corbin was very fond of the dumplings and I was happy knowing he was getting packed full of grains, grains I know that I have never offered or would have even thought about!

With your broth Square One provided a recipe for Pea Soup, perhaps your looking for a pizza sauce you can feel good about?  Mango Pizza sauce was actually not to bad on my own account.  Coulter who I was a tad leery about gobbled it up!  I couldn’t believe the uses that Square One provided for a baby puree.  I have to admit I don’t think purees are just for the little ones anymore and only have uses for a couple of months.  Pretty genius to make Pumpkin Cupcakes & Mango Icing with them.  After seeing the recipes they provided I was making corn bread anyway and thought hmmm  think I could pass off some spinach in them.  I mixed in one container to keep the flavor of it light and nobody had a clue!  It was amazing because my boys really lack in the vegetable department.  What a great way to pack some extra punch into their diets!

You might be asking yourself what makes Square One Organics different stand out from other brands?  The fact that I can truly believe it is made fresh for my child because it’s frozen!  I can truly believe that no preservatives were added because I know that to freeze things you only need to add enough water to blend it.  When packages are canned and have a shelf life of two years?  I question it?  I do a lot of canning myself and know that things that are only canned in water don’t hold up nearly as well as those canned with a sugar syrup.  This always causes me to stop and think for a moment.  Also, we all know that when we make our own purees we freeze them, not can them.  This makes me feel better about Square One Organics because I could almost convince myself that I made it myself…without all the work of course.

I (Denise Henderson) wanted to do everything I could for our (premature) twins. One area I knew I could impact, while we were “waiting” for Jed to outgrow his allergies, was their nutrition. I began making my own baby food. This allowed me to know exactly what was and was not in their food. My approach was straightforward. First, I used only unblended foods so that any allergic reactions would be easy to pinpoint and broccoli would actually taste like broccoli. This gave their taste buds a chance to learn to like different foods. Second, I chose superfoods which are nutritionally dense and have identifiable health benefits and thus make a positive impact on growth and development. Third, I organized the food into four color coded groups and created an easy to follow food journal so my husband could get in on the feeding fun. The system worked! The twins were thriving. Taking the guesswork out of meal time allowed us to focus on what’s most important, creating a strong foundation for a future of healthy eating and spending quality time with our kids.

Denise color coded her food into six different categories which made it easier to get the correct amount of daily servings to her little ones.  This is a far better approach than me standing in the baby aisle throwing in ten jars for the week and hoping I am getting it all in.  Not only does the color coding help with knowing fruits & vegetables servings but I don’t have think about the fact that pumpkin, kale, red bell pepper and broccoli and packed with vitamin a.

I myself live in an area that doesn’t carry this product I like the fact that Square One can be purchased online at places like Amazon.com, Peapod.com and Squareoneorganics.com.  A few grocer’s are carrying Square One in their freezer sections and I look forward to seeing the list expanded, a lot.

If you are looking for a couple of alternatives to providing nutritious meals to your little ones including toddlers I recommend Square One.  Not only because they offer puree’s but because they give you ideas and recipes of how to expand the purees outside of just a few months.  Also, I like the fact that they provide a wider range of puree’s, offering exposure that few others provide.

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