Wednesday Blog: SQ1 Superfriend of the month!

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Each Month, we’re putting a Spotlight on a Superfriend.  We’re so excited to feature On The Go Chicago as SQ1′s November’s Superfriend of the Month!

On The Eating SQ1Go Chicago was recently selected by Parent’s Magazine as Editor’s Pick for BEST Local Mom Blog and we couldn’t agree more!  We’re so excited to feature On the Go Chicago  as our November Superfriend of the Month!

We sat down with founding mom, Cindy McCarthy to get an exclusive SQ 1 interview. We asked Cindy some fun questions about herself; see her answers below…

Q:  Cindy, tell us a little bit about how and why you came to be the founder of one of our favorite sites, On the Go Chicago?

A:  Lets just say I don’t sit still well!  After I had my eldest daughter Grace, I was constantly on the internet researching fun things to do with her.  I loved living in Chicago before we had kids, and I fell in love with city life all over again when I rediscovered it through my daughter’s eyes.  Chicago is surprisingly kid friendly, and I wanted to share all the kid-sized adventures I had with other local families.

Q:  How has working with On the Go Chicago impacted your life and what about your job brings you the most joy?

A:  The two things I love the most is the additional time I get to spend with my two daughters and that I am doing something I am truly passionate about.  Although I still put in long hours, my schedule is flexible. I can work at night and on weekends, so that I can do preschool drop off and pick up or take the girls on an adventure in the middle of the week.  I love that my research is basically having fun with my girls.

Q:  What was your life like pre-parenthood?

A:  I had a great career at Hilton Hotels Corporation and enjoyed exploring the world with my hubby!  I LOVE to travel, and had to do quite a bit of it for my job.  My husband and I would meet up in New York or Los Angeles for long weekends.  We also did a lot of backpacking and camping.  We hiked Mt. Whitney, backpacked the Napali coast in Hawaii and took a four-day backpacking trip in Peru to Machu Picchu.  Believe it or not, we still do a lot of traveling and camping with our kids.  We rented a RV this past summer and took the kids on a road trip to Yellowstone.  It was amazing.

Q:  What’s the one thing that you now know that you wish you knew when you were growing up?

A: My favorite quote is by Maya Angelou, “If you don’t like something change it.  If you can’t change it, change your attitude.”  I wish I knew when I was younger that you are in control of your own happiness.  You have the power to change your life either literally, or, if that is not possible, at least you can change how you let it affect you.

Q:  What is the best advice anyone has ever given you?

A:  Mind your manners.  At a dinner a few weeks before I got married, all the women at the table shared a piece of marital advice with me.  One said that on the eve of her wedding, her mother reminded her to “mind her manners” with her soon to be hubby.  We tend to take the people closes to us for granite.  Saying please and thank you go a long way in a marriage, friendship, child/parent relationship, etc.

Q:  What is your biggest accomplishment?

A: I hope when I am old and gray that I will look back at raising my children as my biggest accomplishment.  I hope that I raise two independent, self confident, kind and well-rounded women. If I had to answer that question today, I would say it would be following my dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

Q:  If you could say something to the next generation what would it be?

A:   Follow your dreams.  Take the time to explore the world and yourself.  Identify the things you are passionate about, and make time for them in your life.  No one lies on their deathbed wishing they worked more!

Q:  If there was a movie about your life what would it be called?

A:  Wow…hard question.  Not sure I have a good answer for that.  Maybe “The door opened, and I walked through it.” There is a great HBO movie about an autistic woman named Temple Grandin. It is a true story about her amazing life, and her mother who refused to give up on her.  She uses that line in the movie, and I have thought of it many times since.  Several times in my life the universe has presented me with an opportunity to make a big life change (opened doors), and even though I was not 100% sure I was making the right choice at the time, I have always been glad I had the courage to walk through those doors.

About Cindy & On The Go Chicago

In addition to being a mom of two toddlers, Cindy McCarthy is an urban explorer of kid-sized Chicago and founder of, a website that highlights the best kid-sized places to go eat, shop, play and learn in Chicago. You can also follow on the go on Twitter and Facebook.


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