Thursday Blog: Supergreen Smoothie Machine

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One of our favorite websites, just released their 25 Healthy Foods to Add to Your Diet in 2012.  With the New Year just days away, we’re all thinking of how we can live healthier, and this list came just in time!

Babble suggests that instead of forcing yourself into a state of deprivation, try a different approach for 2012. Try adding in a handful of healthy foods that are nutrient dense. Foods that feed your body what it craves. Vitamins, enzymes, fiber, minerals – and flavor. You just may find that when you feed your body what it truly craves, all that excess junk food simply won’t look or taste so appealing anymore.

Check out #1 on their list – Green Smoothies

Love smoothies? Try a green one! Green smoothies may look grassy green, but they taste sweet and sassy with a blend of fruit and veg. Packed with nutrients, this sweet, green sip is one to try in 2012.

Our spin on this tasty treat?  Check out Square One Organic’s Supergreen Smoothie Machine made with SQ1 spinach.  Don’t let the spinach scare you it is really good!

1 (2 oz.) Square One Organic Spinach cup, frozen 

1 cup frozen organic blueberries or cherries or apples

1 cup Vanilla Rice Dream rice milk

½ cup Rice Dream organic vanilla non-dairy frozen dessert

1 tablespoon organic Agave nectar or 2 pitted organic dates (optional)

Run frozen spinach cup briefly under warm water to loosen.

Remove foil and pop spinach into blender container.

Add remaining ingredients.

Blend until smooth.

Yield: 1 ¾ cups

Tip: Smoothie Popsicles

If you have smoothie leftovers, these super Smoothie Popsicles are fun and easy to make!  Spoon any extra smoothie mixture into 3-oz paper cups.   Insert one baby spoon into each cup to use as the popsicle stick. Freeze until mixture is solid. Peel cup from popsicle. You can also use BPA-free popsicle molds.  Check out these cute popsicle molds from Land of Nod.  They are BPA-free!

The Children’s Book Pairing with this recipe is:  Handy Manny: Oscar’s House of Smoothies written by Marcy Kelman and Alan Batson

On the SQ1 Children’s CD rock out to the “Greens” song!

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