Happy Holidays Everyone!

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I hope your Thanksgivings were full of family, friends and fabulous food!  Our day was a double celebration.  We had a Birthday party and Thanksgiving all on the same day.I just can’t believe my twins are 11, so amazing and so crazy at the same time.  Moments like these make you stop and reflect on how far we have come since 2001 and what is left to do.

Regarding food, we have come a long way to raise aware on issues like, BPA plastics, the importance of recycling, why organic food is important for infants and kids, quinoa, superfoods and the benefits of gluten-free.  As any parent will tell you, there really isn’t a finish line and there is always something else to be done.  Many times major change starts with baby steps and this year I was so impressed by three important strides.

First, the documentary Carbon Nation, which everyone in my family watched twice.  It is so well done, so easy to understand and most important, very inspiring and uplifting. Watch it to the very end because they give action steps that you can take.  I love action step #5, which says raise your kids allowance when they help reduce the utility bill.  Here is a link to order a copy. http://www.carbonnationmovie.com/  Stocking stuffers for my family members for sure!

Second would have to be Prop 37.  While it did not pass in November, it is an important step to raise awareness and get the conversation about labeling food into the mainstream.  Gary Hirshberg is the CEO of Stoneyfield Farms and a passionate advocate for labeling food.  Here is a link to his new E-Book – Label it Now.  http://www.stonyfield.com/blog/2012/01/03/label-it-now-what-you-need-to-know-about-genetically-engineered-foods-new-ebook-release/.  Check out what he has to say on the topic.  I have watched his interviews and read his writings on the topic. You have to love a CEO with a strong moral and social compass.

Finally, I must applaud the amazing and tireless work done at the many food depositories all over the country.  If you follow us on Facebook and twitter, you know we do all we can to support The Oak Park Food Depository and The Greater Chicago Food Depository.  The fact that child food insecurity in this country is 26.7% in unacceptable to me and that is the reason why SQ1 is involved whenever we get a chance.   Feeding America, through its network of food depositories feeds 37 million Americans a year, has a public policy that is based on the values and a mission that together, we are working to ensure that:

Looking for a great gift idea? Check out this gift catalog https://secure.feedingamerica.org/site/SPageServer?pagename=GiftCatalog


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