Snack Smart Solutions App Makes Snacking Healthy at the Tip of Your Fingers

December 3, 2012 at 4:24 pm 1 comment

By Jasmine Jafferali

Our good friend, Jasmine Jafferali, MPH, ACE-CPT has written a fantastic article to share with the SQ1 crowd on her new mobile phone app, Snack Smart Solutions.

Jasmine is the Program Director for Healthy Results, Ltd, and Program Coordinator for Educational Fitness Solutions, Inc. She has a diverse fitness background with over ten years of fitness and wellness industry experience working in campus recreation, corporate wellness, and a high-end commercial health club setting. She has presented on a wide range of health and fitness topics for the community, at major corporations, and at national and international conferences. Jasmine specializes in Maternal and Child Health and Wellness focusing on pre and postnatal fitness and is a Master Trainer for Healthy Moms® Fitness and Resist-a-ball®.

I am super excited to launch my new app called Snack Smart Solutions. I originally met with Kim Koeller of Gluten Free Passport ( ) to talk about writing an ebook.  She talked me out of it and said doing an app is the way to go.  I left a tad stumped, but it made sense to me.  As I was getting ready to go to bed that evening, right on my night stand was notes on a seminar I just did for Active Mom’s Club ( ) called Smart Snack Solutions.  It was aimed to help new moms have get quick healthy snacks to keep up their energy and not over eat.  I had a list of several snacks that were creatively paired to naturally help boost energy in the body.  The light bulb went off and the next day I began working creating and pairing up more healthy snacks.

I read a study where Americans eat 200 calories over each snack they consume.   If each snack is 150-200 calories, it meant Americans are consuming calories that is equivalent to a meal.  Snacks are meant to be low in calories just enough to sustain blood sugars and help us get through to our next meal.   The problem is we unconsciously eat snack foods while sitting at our desks, we snack out of boredom or while waiting in traffic not realizing how much we are consuming.

While working with clients or conducting seminars I was learning that we don’t know how to snack.  I did a survey on Facebook and learned the favorite healthy snack food was fruit.  While fruit is good, it is not great as it often leaves you hungry again in 30-45 minutes, if not sooner.  The reason being it has not been paired with a protein to help sustain us to our next meal.

There are 40 different snack solutions on this app and 20 more will be uploaded by March of 2013.  My goal is to have 100 different healthy snack solutions so there is no excuse not to be prepared and make smart snack choices.  My 3 p.m. Snack Slump is filled with foods that synergistically work in your body to create energy or give you that boost you need to get you through the afternoon.  The Evening Snack Attack section has foods that paired to help boost serotonin levels and rich in magnesium to help you relax and go to sleep at night.  Though, you can eat any of the snacks any time of the day.   There is something for everyone in this app from Gluten Free Snacks, Nut Free, Vegetarian and Paleo, you will not be lost in finding at least two weeks ‘ worth of healthy snacks so you can plan ahead.

I want to thank Square One Organics for being a part of my app.

My goal was to begin working with local food companies to be featured in my app.  You will see that more in the next phase as I work with healthy, organic food companies that want to be featured on Snack Smart Solutions.

Snack Smart Solutions is available on both Droid and Apple.

Link for Apple:

Link for Droid:


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  • 1. Announcing the launch of my Snack Smart Solutions App  |  January 28, 2013 at 8:03 pm

    […] and surprisingly, Unreal Candy, but a couple of my local favorites like Simple Square Bars and Square One Organics Baby Food. Majority of the snacks are gluten free and there are Paleo, Vegetarian, dairy-free, nut and peanut […]


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